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Silver Falling: A writing Blog

Silver Falling

Ms. Piggie
External Services:
  • nananaginip@livejournal.com
Fanfics finished: 3 (all one shots)
New Beginnings, Fountain Spray (YYH fandom),
The Girl Who Loved to Love (Ragnarok, Alena)
Fanfics in progress: 1 (K/B, YYH)
Fanfics dumped: 1 (D/G, HP)

Originals finished: 2 (short stories)
Originals conceptualized: quite a few
Originals in progress/to be written: 7

I write sporadically and often in short bursts of productivity. I'm always on the look out for good original writing journals or blogs, so do let me know if you have one or see one.

Friend me all you want but I do not promise to do the same, although I do appreciate the gesture. Also keep in mind this is strictly a writing blog (now also a limited fandom blog) and hence my fragments may just clutter up your friends page. If you are a famous personality from a fandom I frequent (nothing at the moment), er, do not friend me because that would make me feel pressured about what I post. Unless of course we were friends before you became popular. ^.^